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Mom Genes The Podcast

Finding the right jeans is hard. Accepting your genes is even harder. Whether you wear boyfriend or bootcut, high rise or low rise, this podcast will teach you to accept and respect your Mom bod so you can love the genes you are in! Co-hosts Rachel Coleman, MFT and Tina LaBoy, RD use modern research to bust diet myths, explain the evidence based models of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size, and get real about body after baby. This podcast will take you on a journey of unpacking your old beliefs about food and weight to increase your confidence, learn to nourish your body, and raise body confident kids. So put on your favorite jeans, pull up a chair, and let’s talk Mom Genes.


This episode of Mom Genes was produced and edited by Rachel Coleman and Tina LaBoy. Thank you to Jerry DePizzo for the music production. You can find Epsidoe information and show notes at, follow us on Instagram @Momgenesthepodcast, and join the Mom Genes The Podcast FB group to find a community of Mamas learning to love their bodies and discussing the episodes.

Mar 3, 2020

The Mom Bod Series

We want our Mom listeners to find body peace through education about your genes and learning what it means to  treat your body (and jeans) with kindness. So, while we often discuss the lack of control we have with our genetics on this podcast, today we are going to talk about an area that you actually do have control over.

Here at Mom Genes, we believe that you have a choice in how you treat your body.  We discuss what “body kindness” means to both of us podcast hosts professionally and personally and we interview Rebecca Scritchfield, author of the book “Body Kindness.” She discusses many areas of how to be kind to your body in a diet culture driven world, acknowledges obstacles to body kindness based on privilege and access to resources, and offers comfort to the Mom’s who may be struggling with body kindness due to feeling their body has betrayed them. Rebecca gives specific examples on how to make the choice to have a better relationship with our bodies so that we can pass along body positivity to our children. As Mom’s, our children do not have the choice of how we talk to ourselves or treat our bodies but if we can give our children the gift of raising them in an affirmative body environment then we can create a strong future for them.

Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN



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